Privacy Notice

The purpose of this privacy notice is to protect personal data held by individuals in order to inform its legitimate use and ensure the informational privacy of individuals in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.


In compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and its regulations, the following is informed:


1. Identity and Address of the responsible party: UrbanHub México SPV6, a Limited Liability Company with Variable Capital and/or any of its corporate group companies, located at Boulevard Manuel Ávila Camacho, number 126, Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood, Miguel Hidalgo borough, Postal Code 11000, Mexico City, is responsible for processing personal data in strict confidence.


2. Purpose of Data Processing: The Personal Data that will be collected includes, but is not limited to: (i) Full name, (ii) address, (iii) federal taxpayer registry, (iv) telephone, (v) email, and (vi) occupation. The sole purpose is to analyze the feasibility of granting temporary use and enjoyment of real estate in exchange for compensation or other similar considerations. As for Sensitive Data such as: (i) financial information (income, account statements), patrimonial data (material goods, real estate, and related information), personal data (spouse, marital status, nationality, and related information), and family and non-family references (including name, address, telephone, etc.). These will be used solely and exclusively to carry out an investigation to analyze the feasibility of leasing real estate or other similar transactions.


3. Limit of Use or Disclosure of Data: Personal Data and Sensitive Data collected are obtained directly and no transfer of Personal Data or Sensitive Data is made. Protection of such data is encouraged within the organization, through the maintenance of administrative, technical, and physical security measures to protect personal data against damage, loss, alteration, destruction, unauthorized access or processing.


4. Means to Exercise Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition: All information that is collected will be treated in accordance with applicable legislation, so you will have the right to access, rectify, cancel, or oppose the processing of your personal data at any time, which can be done via email: informesjosefa@urbanista.mx and telephone: 56-2815-2136. You may write to us at any time to request modifications to certain personal information that you believe is incorrect or irrelevant, as well as to request that we block, delete your personal information. In the event that UrbanHub México SPV6, S. de R.L. de C.V., denies the exercise of any of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition granted by the Data Law, its Regulation must justify such denial, and you have the right to request the initiation of the rights protection procedure before the Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection established by Chapter VII of the Personal Data Law.


5. Data Transfers: There is a possibility that we may need to transfer your Personal Data in a limited manner, for example, to corporate group companies, solely for any of them to carry out the investigation referred to in item 2 above, in this case, UrbanHub México SPV6, S. de R.L. de C.V., will take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal information is adequately protected.


6 Changes to the Privacy Notice: This privacy notice may be modified at any time by UrbanHub México SPV6, Limited Liability Company with Variable Capital, in which case it will be duly notified to you via email or through any other means of communication that UrbanHub México SPV6, Limited Liability Company with Variable Capital determines. UrbanHub México SPV