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What do I need to rent?

Renting is very easy and safe
. You just need to provide the following documents and give consent for us to conduct credit and legal inquiries.

Physical persons:

Official identification (INE, Passport, Professional ID).
Proof of address not older than 3 months.
Proof of income tax for the last 3 months (pay stubs or bank statements).
Your income must be at least 3 times the cost of rent.
Evidence of an updated fiscal situation.
Sign the Privacy Notice and credit and legal consultation authorizations.
Approved immigration status by the authorities (only for foreigners).
If the person renting is different from the one who will be living in the apartment...


Evidence of an updated fiscal situation.
   • Power of legal representation.
   • Official Identification of the legal representative (INE, Passport or Professional Certificate).
Constitutive Act. Sign privacy notice, and credit and legal consultation authorizations.

How long will it take to sign a contract?

  Once all the information is received, in less than 3 hours to have an answer.

Are there any additional costs?

  You will be charged for services such as electricity, water, gas, internet, and cable TV through an additional fee in a single receipt. The cost depends on each property. Additionally, each property offers optional services with additional costs:
Cleaning service in your apartment.
Parking spot.
Fee per pet.

How long do rental contracts last?

  The minimum contract is 12 months and we can offer you longer contracts.

How is rent paid?

  We accept transfers and payments with credit or debit cards. For your safety, we do not accept cash.

When is rent due?

  On the first day of each month.

Will I receive a tax receipt?

  Yes, it will be in the name of the contract holder.

What is the pet policy?

  Pets are welcome, but there are size and weight restrictions. You must provide proof of vaccination and deworming.

Can I smoke?

  There are designated smoking areas, but smoking is not allowed in your apartment or indoor areas.

Can I have visitors?

  Of course, each property allows a limited number of visitors, and you must notify us in advance through designated channels.

Can I decorate my apartment?

  Yes, you can add your personal touch. We ask that you schedule support from the maintenance staff to assist you with your project. Just remember that when you leave the apartment, it must be in the same condition as when you received it.

Is there a telephone in the apartment?

  It varies for each development.

What regulations must be followed?

  Being a good neighbor is important. Each community or development has its own regulations appropriate to its facilities.

Do I have to pay for repairs?

  You must notify us immediately of any damage in your apartment. Maintenance services are available free of charge for any matter that is not due to negligence on the part of the tenant. There will be a cost for maintenance services due to negligence.

Is there 24-hour maintenance service?

  We have staff available for help, but response times vary based on the nature of the problem.

Do you conduct inspections in the apartment?

  Yes, we conduct inspections, especially to provide preventive maintenance for certain equipment that requires it. We will notify you at least 48 hours in advance.